The main operations of the Registrar’s department are run by the following:

  1. The Timetabling Committee

It has a chair and two other members

They prepare and circulate the College timetable which includes tuition room allocation. Any changes on the timetable or even clashes are channeled to the committee which has three offices.

  1. The Examinations Department.

This is headed by the Head of Examinations Department and comprises three other lecturers.

They plan for and implement all college assessments, receive and analyze students’ performance, give feedback of the same and

Co-ordinate administration of external examination on behalf of the Registrar’s Office.

  1. Directorate of Teaching Practice.

This is headed by the Teaching Practice Director who works closely with a number of Zonal co- ordinators, each in – charge of a Teaching Practice Zone.

This team surveys schools to be used during the coming Teaching Practice sessions, as TP schools, posts students to the approved schools, coordinates external assessment and computes assessment marks.

  1. ECDE Committee

The committee is run by the ECDE Coordinator and four other lecturers drawn from key departments or offices.

Their main role is to coordinate the admission of both the certificate and diploma Trainees, coordinate the ECDE curriculum, implementation and assessment of the students.

  1. Library Services.

This service is coordinated by the Head of Library services and the number of librarians on the ground.

Their core business is to improve the stocking and relevance of reading materials, availing them to users and ensuring care of the same.

  1. The Deputy Registrar.

Apart from deputizing the Registrar, the Deputy Registrar is the secretary to the Senior Management Meetings in a delegated Capacity. This officer oversees the general curriculum implementation such as the day to day attendance to lessons by both staff and students.

The officer chairs the Class Conferences where students’ performance is discussed as well as the Class Representatives’ monthly meetings.

This is also the office that receives and takes action appropriately on the issues raised in the minutes of the students’ weekly and monthly academic meetings. In view of these, the Deputy Registrar manages the office of the Registrar’s complaints and compliments.

  1. Heads of Academic Departments.

These are the officers who oversee the teaching and learning activities on day to day basis. They ensure class attendance by staff and students, prepare syllabuses and teaching and learning materials, oversee internal assessment in both theories and in Teaching Practice and prepare candidates for the DTE Knec examinations.

The Registrar chairs the Head of Departments’ meetings.

  1. The Registrar

The Registrar chairs meeting of Head of Departments, the Graduation Committee, the show Committee and the Registrar’s Council.

The Registrar is also a member of the Performance Contracting Committee, the Senior Management Committee (Secretary) and is the ISO Management Representative.

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